Monday, September 29, 2008

Autumn Brew Review 08

 Beef Gravy Cross Check- I will have you!!!
If anyone has been wondering what to get me for my 31st, a 50cm Beef Gravy Cross Check would be perfect.
Surly's new coffee bender..... Its never too early to get Surly! Word!
Yah, I got to stop doing this.
My leg the next morning.
Riding my dream bike- thanks Bonty

Me, Toph, Trev (taking photo) and Peter- beer sampling fools. We wished you were with us Bont!!!
We graduated to adult size glasses of beer at the 1029 bar NE


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ms. Case, Will you marry me?????

Tomorrow night you will find me in the First Ave Main Room.
I will be the one holding the sign that says:
"Ms Case, Will You PLease Marry Me?"

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Good's Goods now @ Design Collective

Yo Peeps

As of next week, I will be selling my earrings at Design Collective in Minneapolis.
If you live in Minneapolis, and you haven't been to this little gem, I highly recommend it.

Design Collective
1311 26th street West
Minneapolis, MN 55405

also still available @

Saturday, September 13, 2008

What it looks like when bees hate you

Day 2

There I was, minding my own business on a nice drizzly bike ride to class this morning, when all of the sudden a bee tries to blind me. That little asshole got me right in the eye.
Overall lesson for the morning (biking and furniture class), eye protection is always a good idea.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Tribute #3, Ryan Berg

This was an unexpected tribute, but ol' Bergy keeps popping up. It will be his birthday in a matter of days, and he is the king of Tribute bands- so Berg it is.

Many of you knew Ryan as my boyfriend of several years, even more of you knew him as Prof. Berg (aka Daddy Berg), and still some of you may know him as the mastermind and performer in bands such as Chariot, Kittens Chariot, Chocolate Chariot, and the lesser known French Chariot tribute band, Chariot Avec Le Jambon.
However you came to know him, if you have had the pleasure of spending time with him, you were most certainly entertained.

Ryan has taught me many things over the years, especially the year he was paid to do so. Important life lessons like: how to successfully use bacon in a ceramic sculpture, how to power-ride roller coasters after having just eaten a giant turkey leg and three churros, how to apply googly eyes to a water color painting and then turn that painting into a dangling band performance highlighting "things kids like"while quietly singing Elton John and Iggy Pop songs, the best way to apply fake eyelashes when your face is extremely sweaty, how to appreciate a good Kyle Minogue song, and the list goes on and on. 

I have watched Ryan make some of the most bizarre and beautiful things. He is the only person I know who can open a bottle of glitter, scan an old Slade record album, roll out some jelly pens, toss it up on a wall with a pretty bow, and make everyone coo.
Even if you have never heard of Mark Bolan, Chicory Tip, or Klaus Nomi, his work , in all its forms, will sweep you off your feet and bring you to tears- often at the same time. 

The thing that has always amazed me about Ryan (other than how often he has to go pee) is the lack of separation between life and the things he makes. He moves seamlessly between, music, painting, clay, cooking and racquetball. With everything he does and makes, he finds a way to relate it to the next. He just knows how to bring it all together in a way that allows for anyone to connect, and often be inspired.
He could be talking to a student about a drawing they were working on, all the while making reference to the meatball sub he had made for himself the night before. 
All of the things he makes are extensions of himself, characters to tell a story, and shed some understanding on the sometimes happy/more often lonely people we are. From sintars, to Big Boy, Ernie and Bert, to Powdered Wig man; he has destroyed the line between living and making, between paper and performance.
This has been the greatest of Berg Lessons, with one exception.
Years have passed since our days in Stink-hole Hookerville (Tampa, FL), and the lovely USF; but a decision Ryan made shortly before we went on our separate ways has stuck to me like those goddamn eyelashes.
I suppose it has been more of an example then a lesson-
Ol' boy left his highly coveted, ten-year track position in a field of which he was highly qualified and experienced in to move to LA and make films. 
Ryan had very little experience with film, if I remember correctly, he just really liked watching them a lot. 
Lets be clear, he was not new to the stage, and he had highly developed visual skills and vocabulary, but he had never made a film or written a screen play.
He tossed around the idea of going to film school, or taking production classes, but instead he just taught himself. 
He went out and bought a nice camera, final cut pro, some screen writing software and went to work!
It has been a little over two years, and he is freakin' doing it!!! 

RB. I think about your decision everyday. When I visited you in LA last March, it was this decision that inspired me to go home, quite my job, and learn how to design and make furniture. 
I have been broke ever since, I smell like lacquer thinner most days, and I have nearly sanded the tips of my right fingers off, but damn it feels good to be (a gangster) making things again. 
I have always admired the way you trust yourself and your ideas, and now knowing how that feels, all I can say is ....... Thanks Christmas Man, I love you
to see what I'm talking about go to



Tribut #2, Zoe (The Beep Boop) Buttafooko Good

I had to say goodbye to Zoe last week.
No worries, she is in a much better place, and by better place I mean on a farm with lots of dogs and sheep.
It was hard to let her go, but with my work days and social habits ol' girl needed more attention, and something to herd besides her own shadow. I will miss you BIG sweet thing.

Beep Boop

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Grand Ole Party/ Spiritualized

I rolled down to First Ave to see Spiritualized last night.
A friend who saw the tour in DC recommended the show, and if you are able to catch one of there next few dates, I would also recommend it. But not for Spiritualized (which was pretty all right for space rock with jingle bells), but for the opening band, Grand Ole Party. They are Don Henley meets the Yeah Yeah Yeah with a little Lux Interior thrown in. I know your thinking, WTF that sounds uhhhhh. I only say Don Henley because the lead singer who sounds a lot like Karen O, plays the set parked at the front of the stage. If you like the idea of a little cutie screaming out her tunes while rockin' the set in tights and a sequined head band, they are for you.

I partied with Min Jo and Liz for a bit, but mostly rocked it by myself way to close to some speakers ( a little deaf this morning).

Next up/next week, the woman I can't seem to get enough of, Neko Case. 

Soapin' it up on Sat

Opening at the Soap Factory on Sat. the 13th.
My friend Megan Vossler, aka the Voss, is one of the artists exhibiting.
She is great, and so is her work---- 
The show is from 7-11; there is going to be a performance/video piece projected on the outside of the building at 9, and music at 930!
See you there!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

WHS 96ish First Annual Brunch

My high school friends and I have a pretty unique crew; unique in the fact that it has been 12 years since we graduated (for some of us its 13 years), and we still like to hang out with one another. Almost all of us left Minneapolis for significant periods of time, but in the last few years we have all moved back. There were a couple of peeps who were unable to make it ( Min Jo & Pete- we will get you next year), and some husbands and boyfriends who had to work, but we had a pretty darn good turn out for the first annual WHS 96ish brunch.
Being the sentimental cheese-ball that I am, I wanted to create an event where we could all get together with signifs and kids too, and spend an afternoon together. I hope that we are able to keep this going, I would love to watch this picture grow with kids and loved ones, and I hope to know these people for the rest of my life. Shit- they've put up with me for this long.

I am so happy to still know all of you, to get to meet the new people in your lives, and members of your families.
I had a wonderful time this morning, and I hope you did too.
Go Millers!!
I mean........ Rock on!!

You two are getting dangerously close to matching outfits- watch it!
Hostess with the mostess!

Homecoming kingish

Considering that our high school mascot was a fat man with an apron and a rolling pin- brunch seemed appropriate.  

Bacon wrapped in bacon
Stuffing my pants with bacon