Saturday, June 7, 2008

A Midsummers Night's WET Dream

I almost forgot to write about last weeks visit to the Guthrie. 
Racheal (aka the good-time coordinator extraordinaire) invited a bunch of us down to see A Midsummers Night's Dream. It was a terrific time.
The show was sexxxy! The actors were smokin', and very funny. 
The stage design and the costumes were exciting and creative, but my favorite part of the whole show was the "Walls" costume, especially his shoes. I want to party with the person who made those little numbers.
After, we met several of the cast members, and we shared drinks and laughs with Randy Reyes who did an amazing job playing Francis Flute.

All I can say is- Get it while you can!

The Secret Fall of Constance Wilde is up next (with full frontal male nudity, and guy on guy making-out).

Totally Crushed!!!!

Wednesday Night was jam-packed with good times.
First, I was invited to join Nick and several of his buds for an evening with The Ballet of the Dolls at the Ritz theater in NE Minneapolis. 
I met some very nice new people, who proved to me once again how small Minneapolis really is. I should have met these people five times over considering our mutual friends. We had some drinks, and I remembered how much I really enjoy watching dance. I totally recommend seeing one of the Doll's productions. p.s., They allow drinks in the theater!

Next, I headed to my dear friend Larz Yungbliut's new bands debut show @ the 7th Street Entry. I caught the final song from the Sirens of Titan, which happened to be Matt Duffin's final performance with the band-Sorry it took me so long to see you play Matt.

Larz has rocked Minneapolis for many of years. You may remember him from such bands as the Spittin' Cobras, or Wax The Matador- but there have been several other bands as well. 
He is not only a great guitar player, and fine singer; but he is by all accounts a stellar individual! 

The new Band is Called EZ CRUSHER. As a band, they promise to "CRUSH", and they lived up to there promise on Wednesday! They are a guitar/bass/drums trio, they are loud and fun! A man who I only know as the "Rexican" (who played bass in Wax the Matador) slayed the set!
Keep an eye out for these guys.

The rest of the evening got a little fuzzy. I met back up with Nick in NE, wished Happy Birthday to his very sweet friend Kary, and put a few more back with Rollin, John and friend.
Wednesday is a good night for drinkin'!

New Logo

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Just updated my website with some new goodies.



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The Ting Tings

I was drawn to this band because of its name.
For many years of my life, I lived with a small, dirty, nervous, poop on the living room floor kind of dog with an enormous under bite- named Ting Ting.
If I recall correctly, my friends Chantel and Carrie found him wandering around in Seminal Heights, Tampa. He had a tattooed stomach, and patches of hair missing. 
The Ting now lives in Brooklyn, NY with Carrie and good friend Susan. 
I am sure he is still nervously pulling out patches of his hair, but I hope he is receiving royalties from this band.
He is the original TING TING.
I love that dog still, he is a sweet sweet thing, and I am so happy that he led me to this band.
Get this album!