Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Born To Gala

Racheal Crew invited me to join her and several of her friends at this years ASID Gala.
Needless to say, we totally rocked it!
We didn't make it into the dinner line, but we filled up on martinis, Chardonnay, and Summit- three of the major Gala food groups.
The house itself was a little disappointing, but the band, the booze, and long line of Porto-Potties made up for the lack of inspiration in the house.
The whole evening made me long for a life filled with Gala type events.

Rach and DO- Guy we knew in High school
Pre Gala
Getting a feel for the house.

Monday, May 12, 2008


I was well entertained last week. I saw two very enjoyable concerts- neither changed my life, but both left me satisfied.
I am talking about Devatchka (@First Ave), and the Kills (@Triple Rock, aka, my new favorite place to see music).

Fresh on my mind are The Kills. 
Their most recent album "Midnight Boom", was my introduction to the band. Again, it doesn't blow me away, but it is fun and dirty enough to keep me listening.
The show was fucking sexy, it was easy-sexy, the way you think sexy is supposed to look- but I was into it. These two play the part of "Rocker" so well. They seriously looked like they walked into Joann Fabrics and said "Two rocker costumes please."
Mosshart and Hince have good chemistry; it's the kind of chemistry that can't just be for show. Hince makes these stiff, angular, Ian Curtis-type movements, and Mosshart throws herself around in near perfect rocker form, with precise fits and spasms. The hair, the sweat, the eyes rolling back, and the pacing was all to f-ing cool for school man!
They are trying really hard to put on a sexy rock show, they bring all the elements one would expect at good show, they even have a screen behind them with projections of other cool, and notable rock stars and rock events- just so you know, that they know, what's cool.
These two work hard, and totally believe in it.
Which is really all I can ever expect of anyone who makes things.

I will definitly be seeing more shows at the TRock too.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Me and the Ladies (damn I have some hot friends) at Barbette. Rockin' it!

And in the Right corner, the second addition to my already stellar bike collection (I love you Icicle), the 1970's Schwinn Continental -all yellow, all the time.

Monday, May 5, 2008

My brother and sister jumping on a car hood in my brothers new/old backyard.

Congratulations to my bro for buying a house (even though he had bought it once before).
I love these fools!!!

Sunday, May 4, 2008


Many have wanted to, but this guy did it.
photo credit- Mark Emery

Separated at Birth

Mark Emery's pooch, Butler and Zoe the Buttafooko chillaxing on the deck.