Thursday, July 31, 2008


I have been so busy having a good time, not to mention working my patooty off; I have neglected the blog. Friends and family, here are the pictures you have been asking about.
Thanks for the good times!

Marnee with a loaded weapon- NOT SMART!!

I think this is the first and last time anyone is going to hand me a gun like this.

Bastille Day

Topher and I, on our matching bikes, rocked out Barbette's Bastille day celebration. These are the only pictures appropriate or clear enough for the web. It was a good time!

Happy Barf Day to Jenny

I love this Girl!

Rock The Garden

The Voss
Me, Hill, and X-mas

At some point during Andrew Bird's set, and 6 beers in, I became obsessed with how the trees were illuminated. This became a repetitious discussion that many of my friends wish they had missed.

Even though Cloud Cults paintings (and promotion of them) made me puck up half a perfectly good Summit, and Neko Case was no where to be found, I still had a great time at Rock The Garden.
I was pretty excited for the big day, because if the Current didn't stop talking about it, I was going to f-ing loose it on them.
The Voss ( Megan Vossler) and I biked down together, and stumbled home separately, filled to the brim with Summit,corn dogs, and rockish roll.

Fathers day

A good start.

This year for fathers day, we bought dad some practical joke cards (which he could have written himself), and a nice hangover for the flight back to Cali.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Good's leave their mark on Cornucopia, for the third time!

The original NOT SO GOOD'S

Someone must have stolen his cocktail...
The pontoon was not working, but that did not keep us from drinking on it. 

They have to start young if they expect to be able to keep up in the future.
Rockin' Siskuit Lake one paddle at a time.

The LA!
Doin' it, Doin' it, and Doin' it well!

If I had been a male teenager in the 70's, I may have looked like this.
I was asked to sleep 20 feet from the cabin- the only good decision made all weekend.

This move pretty much sums up our family. 
Lookin a little ruff on the way home.

BIG Thanks--
Tim and Suzy, for a wonderful weekend, great food, lots-o-booze, and your 
generous hospitality.
Dad, for his never ending poop commentary.
Corni for her beautiful lakes, woods, and wildlife.
My family, for being such a loving good time!!!!!
I love you all!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Giant Shuttlecock Party

The second annual Badminton, BBQ, Booze, and Boobs party got a little upgrade this year- In the form of a Giant Shuttlecock set! This is a family event, but being the Good family that we are, there was no shortage of giant cock jokes.

Here, Anthony is describing the proper way to handle the Shuttlecock.
You get the picture!

My girls