Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tribute #4, The NOT SO GOODS, The GOD DAMN GOODS, and The BADDY BADDIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Leader of the Pack.... the King of Poop Talk........the One...... the Only (thank God)....... D$!!!!!!!
On the road to Chicago to meet up with the rest of the degenerates. 
Laura's idea of car food-  raw Dinosaur Kale
The minute we got there.......
about 45 minutes after we got there.........

Our Grandparent's grave

This is my serious face, few have seen it, drink it in.
The house my Grandfather built for his family.

Markus, aka, Cuzzzzzzzzzzzz
Berrie demonstrating what John Stewart calls, "Dick Fingers"
The Dad Dance
Chicago. We forget how small Minneapolis really is, until we go to any other city.

LA and her BF, Thomas.
We risked the smothering disappointment, and braved the SOFA show; Scotch in plastic cups was needed about 3 min. into it.
I ran into a friend from Trampa, he was the best looking thing there.

Our annual Faux Thanksgiving. 
Chris and I gave a lovely speech, though no one can really remember what was said. All in all 24 bottles of wine were consumed over the course of 3 days.


The turkeys took a little longer than expected. My years of restaurant management came in handy, but everyone got a little drunky.
The 2c's, damn CUTE!

There were NO leftovers. 2 Turkeys, 40 casseroles, cranberries, cheesy goodness, wine , wine, vegetables covered in cheese, and more wine. 

I left to meet up with some good-time friends uptown. 
This gang is good peeps- sweet, fun, and smart; why they like me- anyone's guess.


My sad face, not attractive, but sincere. I love these guys.
Yah........ I got a little lesson on how crazy dependent I am on my phone. I had put the address of my aunt's place in my phone, but was trying to memorize it throughout the evening. My phone died on the way back in the cab. The cabby dropped me off in Wicker Park at the address I had given him, only, I had mixed up the numbers. So, for about 10 cold, rainy, intoxicated minutes I wondered around with little idea of where I was, and absolutely no way of getting in touch with ANYONE!!!!!!!!!
Good work Marn!!

Sunday morning, I shared my story of how I almost died the night before, and we all sat around recovering , and flipping through old family pics.
Aaaaahhhhh, the Digs. The boat House. My favorite little nook in Wicker Park.


Thanks for another great Faux Thanksgiving weekend, you guys are so much fun, and I am so happy to have such an open, goofy, all around Good-time family.
I love you all.

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